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Why is it so hard to change?

It is often difficult to make positive lasting changes in our lives because we are unaware that we are not really running our lives. Neuroscience tells us that unconscious (invisible) programs account for ~95% of our actions and behavior. If these programs do not change, our lives do not change. Jumping on Water provides simple, easy-to-use tools, to help you free yourself from the limiting mental programs that are holding you back and install new self-empowering programs to propel you forward.

Freedom Is Now

During these times of great personal and global change, it is critically important to manage your state of mind and gain control over your thoughts and emotions, to empower yourself to act deliberately and intentionally and avoid reacting to the pressures and stresses of life.

As you begin to read and apply the simple tools the book contains, your awareness becomes elevated. This causes you to “see” a rich new world of amazing possibility right before your eyes. A peaceful joy begins to fill your heart as you walk into a new world of abundant possibility.

Find Answers To Life’s Most Compelling Questions

In times of challenge, we are drawn to re-evaluate and rediscover what is truly important in our lives as we contemplate some of life’s biggest questions.

                     Who Am I?                 Why Am I Here?

                                  What Do I Want?             What’s Holding Me Back?

From an earthly perspective, the answers to these questions are different for everyone. From a spiritual perspective, the answers are all the same. Unfold the answers to life’s biggest questions as you’re guided through a process of self-discovery and personal awakening.

Inside Jumping on Water, You Will:

> Discover the secret to transforming your life from the inside out. See how the world, like a mirror, reflects what you think and feel within. Dissolve negative mental and emotional energies on the inside to naturally manifest peace, love, and joy on the outside.

>  Communicate more genuinely and effectively in your relationships, eliminate struggle and resolve conflicts with family, friends, and business associates.

>  Understand how you’ve created the life that you have and how to harness the power of your unconscious mind to create the life you desire.

>  Re-ignite your passion to discover and fulfill your life’s purpose, increase your energy level, and actualize your full potential.

>  Learn to transform the energy of fear and anxiety into personal power.

> Expand your perception of reality to experience more of who you truly are and gain the freedom to think in new ways.

Jumping on Water is more than just a book, it is a system of personal transformation designed to help you create the positive life changes you desire. Containing real-life stories and more than 30 life-transforming exercises, it will guide you step-by-step through the process of revealing more of your true self - the authentic divine being you truly are.

Discover the only way to truly change,

from the inside out ...

What Are Readers Saying?

Not Just Self Improvement: Self Transformation

by Grady Harp, Amazon Top Reviewer

Ted Karam will join you in your quiet places, those places you reserve for contemplation, for examining the day and your life's direction/dreams/successes and failures. His book, JUMPING ON WATER: AWAKEN YOUR JOY - EMPOWER YOUR LIFE is a more deep-seated call to encourage the search of the soul that does not emphasize how to correct defects the way so many other books of this nature do: this book is a warmly supportive journey, lead by a master teacher, that shares moments of pausing to see how we respond to the world and how those responses that may have resulted in frustration can be redirected or re-coached to produce dramatic changes - changes that open the path toward achieving a life that is closer to private dreams than ever expected.

Karam bases his platform for transformation on 'The Three Waves of Awakening - Recognize, Release, and Reprogram. He talks about the 'Aha! Method' response in finding those aspects of our thinking process that are malleable - cores of negativity that are happily dispensable. From this point of recognize/release/reprogram he leads us to a higher level of self-awareness. 'Recognizing what has always been before us and accepting what we find releases us from limitation, allowing us to reprogram a life of abundance.'

The book is divided into five sections: Who Are You?, Why Are You Here?, What Do You Want, What's Holding You Back?, and Waking Your Power Within. This proves to be an easy to follow, well written experience that does indeed allow the reader to jump on water. Karam peppers his pages with solid quotes form great minds who came to a point of realization of their potential, the result being the legacy of an important person in the history of the world - a nice departure from the at times project oriented format. The only aspect of Karam's writing that is a bit jarring is the inclusion of rather pedestrian poems placed throughout the book - poems that apparently were written by Karam: these may have a good thought, but a poet the author is not!

In the end, is this a self-help book that is a step above the usual competitors? The answer for just about everyone who reads this eye-opening book is an emphatic 'YES!' Recommended.

Finally! A Mind-Body-Spirit-Book That I Can Understand!!!!

by Geri Hutchings

I am so very pleased that this book provided me with easy to use tools so that I could actually apply what Ted Karam is teaching. I have read so much from so many masters but was unable to actually apply what I knew to be true. From the very first chapter in "Jumping On Water" and throughout the book we are given what we need to take with us, remember and use. This book is written in easy to understand language too! I finally get what I know to be true in my heart and I can feel Ted Karam's passion to share his joy and to help enlighten us on every page. I plan to use this "workbook" to "Awaken My Joy and Empower My Life"!

Step by Step A True Guide To Spiritual Growth

by Bob Kalill

I have read just about every spiritual/philosophical & "self help" book out there, and it is rare that one differentiates itself so clearly from the pack. The last one that achieved this from my perspective was Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of Now". Ted Karam's Jumping on Water is a book that offers dynamic practical insight and methodology toward personal growth and transformation. It is written with the energy of a person who not only advocates for personal transformation, but who has transformed himself with these methods. If you are seeking a guide, a guide book, or a spiritual coach, then Jumping on Water is the book for you. Many books in this category spend the bulk of their text rambling philosophically--Ted Karam cuts directly to the point. Want to uncover an understanding of purpose in your life? Turn to chapter 6. Want to clear hurdles in your life that you feel are holding you in place? Turn to chapters 10-12. As the reader, you spend less time attempting to glean the lessons in the discussion and more time understanding useful methods for getting to work on changing your life's direction. This is a book you can return to again and again as a step by step "workout" for getting your life in shape. I highly recommend.

Defeat The Fears That Hold You Back & Awaken To Your True Potential

by Gerry Doney

Ted Karam's great new book, Jumping on Water, provides a practical guidepost that you can really use to transform YOUR life to achieve whatever lies within your soul - your true self that's been hidden for so long. While this book is jam-packed with inspirational quotes and anecdotes that will undoubtedly inspire and motivate, I am most impressed with the genius of the practical exercises that will progress the reader through the 3 Waves of Awakening (Recognize, Release and Reprogram). The elegantly simple, yet profoundly insightful "Aha! Method" will have you recognizing how much we create the very "reality" that stands in the way of our success, love, joy, and peace. Or as one of the numerous quotes that hits you like a Jedi laser saber states: "We do not see things as they are; we see things as we are" (the Talmud).

This book is all about our awakening - if we are willing to follow where Ted has laid down the path to being "present" in the here and now; to break free from the unconscious thoughts and inner fears that have been wreaking havoc upon our lives without our conscious permission. Do you want to stop living your life on autopilot and really find yourself? "Here Now Be-Cause" shows that you are here now because we have made it that way - unconsciously for the most part - and Jumping on Water gives YOU the power to cause those fundamental life changes that you've always desired. Now, just take the next step and get this life-changing book - let this book guide you such that Carl Jung's quote will be your life song: "Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside, awakens."

This Book Will Change Your Life

By C. Stock

I bought two books, one for me and one for my husband. Every page has invaluable wisdom that I can relate to my own life. This book has become a friend, an ally in troubled times. There is so much wisdom condensed in these pages!

A Life Changing Read

by Mary Shaw

Jumping on Water is one of those books that will continue to empower you long after you finish the last chapter. I was surprised to recognize how much of my own experiences were based solely on my perception of things, a perception that could easily be changed. This book showed me how to see things with a fresh pair of eyes. It gave me back my power to choose love, joy, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness. The stories, anecdotes, exercises and beautiful poems resonated deeply with me. I was looking for a book that would fix me. Jumping on Water helped me see that I was not broken - just in need of some loving guidance. This book reminded me where to look. Thank you Ted Karam.

Jumping On Water Is A Must Read!

by Leanne Moussette

Ted Karam's "Jumping on Water" is inspirational! Whether you have an ocean to cross or a puddle to jump over, Ted supplies you with all the tools to make your goals and dreams a reality. With Ted's help you can stop dreaming and start living!!

Ted Karam's Perspective Is Awesome

by John Seney

I met a spiritual teacher where each lesson taught was truly profound. He knew just how to reveal and decipher my experiences so I could see and understand them as he did. He really turned the big lights on and stayed with me to observe and enjoy what we discovered. How lucky to have this teacher become one of my very best and closest friends. I was so impressed I brought other friends to meet him and they had identical experiences. His lessons changed how we experienced reality, how we interpreted the symbols of our life situations, and how we could transform our very selves by changing how we related to anything and everything. And to our total amazement, everything that was happening was absolutely perfect. Most of us had thought that a lot of things were really screwed up. Then we changed our perspectives. The teacher is Ted Karam. He is a master. Observe how he connects life's dots and learn your own inner-most workings. I know of no one more truly loving. You will love your teacher!

Simply A MUST Read

by Tony

Simply a MUST read for anyone who wants to improve their personal or professional lives, by raising their sense of self awareness. Jumping on Water is loaded with practical knowledge that is both enlightening and easy to apply within the course of everyday life. It really works!

A True Treasure

by Deborah H. Potter

Here is a positive message that talks directly to YOU. The author shares his knowledge of achieving life's joy, through words based on experience, science, spirituality, specific analogies that you can totally relate to, and tops it all off with expressive, heart felt poetry. Jumping On Water, while on a similar path as other popular books of this time, (The Secret, A New Earth, etc.) veers off the path and takes you on a detour to a vast pond called life, and says, "Jump!" Don't be afraid to see through your thoughts and experiences, but instead, know that they are the necessary part of you that allows you to not sink, but jump again and again with joy, the Joy you will feel as you read this very real message of awakening.


Truly Inspiring!

by Andy Sauer

Ted Karam is an inspirational author who has tremendous insight on channeling your energy towards meeting a challenge or goal. Countless times I have sought his advice and opinions on how to approach a problem, and he has never steered me wrong.

Great book, amazing teacher!

by Lori Bernardi

I am still in the process of following the steps in Ted's book but I have had the great pleasure of having many life changing conversations with Ted. He has been a great inspiration and motivator in many instances of my life that has caused me to make changes in the way I approach situations. If you have a chance to read this book or talk with Ted it will be the best step in moving your life forward to a more positive, happy, fulfilling way of living life! Thanks Ted!!!


by Marianne

Jumping on Water has brought me much joy! I have found that by using the tools and exercises in this book, many wonderful, fulfilling experiences have been within my power to make happen. I will always treasure and keep this book close by as a guide and reference.

It’s Exciting To Think Back On The Changes I’ve Gone Through Since Meeting Ted

by Chris Brennan

It's even more exciting to realize the changes that I am currently going through and what is to come. These changes in my life are possible because of the knowledge and tools that Ted has shared with me. When I met Ted I was coming out of a couple failed relationships and had a job that I definitely did not want to stay in for the rest of my career. When I thought about where I was in my life, I would get worried and depressed that it might not get any better. I didn't know how to change my life or even that I had the ability to do so, at least not on the life changing scale that I wanted. Ted coached me on how to bring about the changes that I desire in my life. I continually went back to Ted because it was exciting and so much fun to apply what I learned and then literally see my life changing before my eyes. I experience great comfort and joy in knowing that it is possible to create the world around me. I continue to apply what I've learned... and believe me its always exciting. As for two of the biggest changes that I've gone through... I am so much in love with Liza... who I met on a blind date (go figure) and we have a 5 month old girl who I love beyond words can express. I have completely changed careers from engineering to working with the most successful real estate investing company in my state. I am excited to get up in the morning because I love what I do and I am heading in the direction that I want to go.
Chris Brennan

-What does Grace have to say about her Dad's book?

"Jumping on Water is magic because if you don't jump, you'll sink...  well...unless you have a floatie."


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